English 5, Spring '06

Friday, May 19, 2006

The End is Near

Remember, the final project is due Tuesday, May 23rd by 7:30pm. No late work will be accepted (nor will I be granting any extensions).
I'll accept projects three ways:
1. In person on Tuesday no later than 7:30pm (seriously, I'm out of there at 7:30, so if you show up at 7:31, you'll be screwed)
2. In my mailbox (Vista 3rd floor) with a time stamp from a staff member reflecting it was received prior to 7:30 pm Tuesday
3. Via email sent prior to 7:30 pm. This option is limited to students who created blogs for their final project. Please include your blog address in the email or in the defense paper.

Also, if you would like your final project returned, bring a self addressed stamped envelop. I'm also happy to email you final project and class grades after May 26th. Just send me an email and I'll respond with your final scores.

This class was a pleasure to teach and I appreciate all the time and effort you have invested in the course.


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