English 5, Spring '06

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Media One-pager

Choose one of the following topics and write a one page response.

Watch three (or more) broadcasts of the evening news. You may catch broadcasts of the same news show on different nights or review samplings from several different news stations. Make a list of what stories are broadcasted and in what order they appear; jot down words, phrases or visuals that the broadcasters (or people interviewed) use to give the story an emotional spin. After your viewing, write an analysis on the kinds of Stories that appeared on the news. Think about what kinds of public fears are presented by the news media. What, if any, bias was apparent?


Discuss a story that did not get enough media coverage. Why did this story go ignored? Who benefited from the story being underreported? How does it affect the public to be uninformed about the issues raised in the story?

Due: 5/9


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